SCDP’s logo / Autumn 2014

The beloved CBC Test Pattern – for us nostalgic Canadians. / Summer 2014

Show your surviving of this famous episode featuring those two. / Summer 2014

Hannibal fanart, inspired by brilliant first season of Hannibal. / Winter 2014

America’s next supreme: a parody / Winter 2014

The seven wonders a Supreme must pass. / Winter 2014

Walt: We are going to process them into ricin.

Jesse: Rice ‘n Beans? 

Fictional “Ricin Smokes” inspired by TV show Breaking Bad / Winter 2014

Notorious saying in The Big Lebowski. / Winter 2014

Famous quote in film The Dark Knight, 2008. / Winter 2013

Novel by Lana Winters, in American Horror Story Asylum (season two) / Winter 2013

Iconic presentation of Zemeckis’ Forrest Gump.

Black friday

Everything’s on sale on Redbubble. Just type FRIDAY15

Have a nice weekend guys!

Rick’s Judith, Daryl’s lil’ asskicker / Winter 2013